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What is it?

Infinite Chess is a variant of chess in which there are no borders, much larger than your familiar 8x8 board. The queen, rooks, and bishops have no limit to how far they can move per turn. Pick any natural number up to infinity!

With no limit to how far you can move, there are positions possible where the doomsday clock, or checkmate-in-blank, number is represented by the first infinite ordinal, omega ω. In fact, researches have recently discovered how to create a position with any game value up to but not including ω1! (Even greater than ωωω...) This requires you have an infinite amount of pieces to work with. But, as we speak, people are working on reaching this same goal with only a finite amount of pieces, the biggest finite position known currently sitting at a game value of ω2!

In normal play, a different setup than standard chess is used. More pieces are added. This helps there be enough material to checkmate the opponent's king, as no back wall requires a little more cornering power on your end. Games don't typically last much longer than standard chess games. (I've never seen a mate-in-ω arise in a competitive match) Pawns also still promote at ranks 1 & 8!

How can I play?

The current version release is 1.2 on the Play page!

I will be working on more features!

(Up-to-date as of 8/26/23)

About the Project

I am Naviary. Since I first discovered this variant, I have been very intrigued by it and its possibilities. Up to this point, playing has been quite difficult, requiring chess.com members to create images of the current board and send them back and forth for every move played. Due to this, not many people know about or have been able to play this.

It is my vision that I will help spread word about the variant, and grow a community, with an easy way now for everyone to play! I began creating this website, up-keeping it, and spending countless hours developing. I have many more features planned, including games possible with an infinite number of pieces, and I hope this variant will soon come to fruition!

If you like what you see and want to help me in my endeavor with this variant, please consider supporting me through my Patreon! 🙏

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